WHY “The Technomist” ?

Business and technology are often thought of as separate areas of knowledge, but in reality, especially when $$s are involved, they are VERY intertwined.

As someone who builds products (my day job), I want to conceptually bridge the gap between tech and business/economics, and that’s mostly what “The Technomist” will be about.

So why did I choose “The Technomist” as the name for this newsletter? Well, I did consider myself a technologist for a long time, but that’s not quite where I am today. I also dabbled in business, and I am particularly fond of economics, but I am not an Economist either. I like to see myself as someone in between, a Technomist.

WHAT to expect?

Mostly musings 🙂

I am not doing this full-time, so I will do my best to document the thoughts and experiences I found/find valuable in my journey.

If you work in tech and feel out of touch with all the business talk happening around you, the content here will most likely be relevant. If you are a business/go-to-market person and feel out of touch with tech, you will find the content here also relevant.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the topics I will most likely be talking about:

  • Idea and product discovery.

  • The economics of Tech (e.g., AI, the cloud).

  • AI, Platforms, Cloud (native), and Business Strategy.

  • Culture, biases, decision making, and first principles thinking.

I won’t necessarily follow a specific format. I prefer free-style writing (I don't like to restrain the flow of ideas to finite formats). That said, do expect a form of content standardization long-term.


If you consider yourself a technomist as well and want to share your experiences and knowledge, please reach out. I believe that by collaborating, co-writing, and working together, we can scale knowledge better.

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